Katy Perry's Indi
What Makes You Indi?

Creative Director
Stink Studios, 2017

TV, Video, Print, Website, Social

After two scents that were fun and playful, Katy Perry wanted Indi, her third fragrance with Coty, to mirror her more serious artistic turn (AKA “Woke Katy”). We launched it with a campaign that celebrates individuality through a group of exceptional women.



DirectorJovan TodorovićStink Films
Director of Photography — Stuart WinecoffArtistry
Choreographer — Paul BeckerMSA
Wardrobe — Jamie Mizrahi, The Wall Group
Wardrobe — Robert Molnar
Hair — Anthony Nguyen
Hair — Bjoern Rehbein, The Milton Agency
Makeup — Serge Normant
Makeup — Joelle Triosi
EditorRyan McCally, Consulate
Color — Gabriel Porier, Nightshift
Flame —  Nightshift
Mixer — Calvin Pia, One Thousand Birds
Photographer — Jovan Todorović
Retouching — Dtouch