Hidden Worlds of the  National Parks


Executive Creative Director
Stinkdigital, 2016


Web, Video, VR, Display

2016 marked the hundredth anniversary of the National Park Service, an ecological treasure that is the cultural inheritance of every American. We partnered with Google to make five of the most fascinating and diverse parks accessible to all through 360° video, ambisonic audio, interactive modules and guided tours from real rangers. Accessible on desktop, mobile and Google Cardboard, it’s a celebration of the past, present and future of these spectacular public lands.


“Site Walkthrough”

“Site Intro”


The five featured parks were chosen for their geographical and ecological diversity. We also  purposely avoided the most popular destinations in favor of under-explored gems.


“Kenai Fjords: Glacier UX”


“Carlsbad Caverns: Bat VFX Breakdown”


One of our biggest concerns during production was mobile performance. We estimated that more than 60% of traffic was going to come from mobile — a challenge for any site, but especially one so dependent on heavy video assets. Our development team experimented with various ways of compressing 360° video and found them all either too inefficient or too unstable, so we ended up creating our own. The fact that such a content-rich site can run smoothly on an average mobile connection is one of the aspects of the project I'm proudest of.