Creative Director
B-Reel, 2015


Installation, Web, Collateral

Prada is an interactive light installation that allows participants to control a sphere of LEDs with their breath. The brainchild of art director Mike Potter, it was realized by an incredibly dedicated team at B-Reel.

Prana was exhibited by the Fridman Gallery for six weeks in 2015, where it became the backdrop for a series of lectures and musical performances by Steve Roggenbuck, Stephen Vitiello and others.


Prana, 2015
LEDs, wire, acrylic tube, FadeCandy, XeThru, metal, wood, custom software

The Sanskrit word “prana” refers to a cosmic life force the originates in the sun and enters the body through breath. In the act of breathing, we form a connection between ourselves and the universe.

Prana is a celebration of that connection and a meditation on the unseen energies of our bodies. The experience explores the relationship between breath and light, giving visitors the ability to visualize their energy through its impact on a sphere of 13,221 individual LEDs.


Prana took nine months  to realize and was designed, modeled, fabricated and coded  almost entirely  by members of the studio.


“Case Study”