Dream It

Creative Director
Squarespace, 2019

TV, Video, Web

Squarespace exists to inspire people to boldly go after their dreams. And who better to personify that spirit than Idris Elba: actor, DJ, clothing designer, professional kickboxer, land speed record holder and astronaut in training (all true).



Director — Spike Jonze, MJZ
Director of Photography — James Laxton, ICM
Production DesignerElliott Hostetter, UTA
Editor — Jeff Buchanan, Final Cut
VFX Supervisor — Alex Thomas, Framestore
VFX Designer — Will Golladay, Framestore
Colorist — Beau Leon, Framestore
Music Director — Sam Spiegel, Squeak E Clean
Music Supervisor — John Bissell, Mothlight
PerformerThe Kaos Signing Choir for Deaf and Hearing Children
Sound Designer — Drew Fischer, Squeak E Clean
Mixer — John Bolen, Formosa
Photographer — Lara Serer